Hot Buffet Lunch Menu

Hot Entrees- Includes 2 Sides and Fresh Breads

Cheese Ravioli- Asiago and Herb Filled Ravioli, Portobello Mushrooms, Leeks, Roasted Tomato Sauce $10

Beef Lasagna/ Vegetarian Lasagna- Fresh Tomato Sauce, Ricotta, Mozzarella $10

Grilled Chicken Penne- Herb Grilled Chicken, Artichokes, Roasted Tomatoes, Penne Pasta, Roasted Garlic-Romano Alfredo Sauce $12

Hungarian Stuffed Peppers- Ground Beef and Rice, Paprika, Garlic, Bell Peppers, Rich Tomato Sauce $12

Cumin-Lime Marinated Chicken- Corn, Roasted Tomato and Black Bean Relish $12

Rosemary Roasted Pork Tenderloin- Red Onion Marmalade, Spiced Apple Compote $12

Parma Chicken- Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breast, Lemon Caper Cream $12

Florentine Chicken- Parmesan Breaded Chicken, Smoky Sundried Tomato and Spinach Cream Sauce $12

Al Dente Pot Roast- Tender Pieces of Beef, Rich Tomato Broth, Sweet Onions, Carrots, Rosemary, Garlic $12

Grilled Tilapia- Lemon Pepper Cream Sauce $13

Sliced Beef Tenderloin- Sliced Tenderloin, Root Vegetables, Roasted Garlic, Au Jus $20

Fresh Market Fish- Chefs Choice Fish (based on season and availability) $ Market Price

Sides: Choose 2 (additional sides $2 per person)

-Green Salad- Any salad from the salad menu

-Herb Roasted Red Potatoes

-Long Grain Rice Pilaf with Onions, Peas, and Herbs

-Boursin Cheese Mashed Potatoes

-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar

-Hot Italian Orzo Salad with Pan Roasted Zucchini, Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes, Feta and Basil

-Asparagus with Sauteed Grape Tomatoes and Sweet Onions

-Baby Green Beans with Smoked Bacon, Onions and Molasses

-Seasonal Vegetable Succotash

-Creamy Tomato Cucumber Salad with Onion

-Fresh Fruit Salad

$10 Soup and Salad- Includes One Soup, One Salad, Crackers

Soups- Al Dente makes all soups from scratch, check with catering to see what the Chefs Choice Soup offerings are for your event day.


California- Mixed Lettuces, Grape Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Avocado and Basil Vinaigrette

House- Mixed Greens, Grape Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pickled Red Onions, Ranch Dressing

Strawberry Field- Mixed Lettuces, Strawberries, Toasted Almonds, Feta Cheese, Balsamic Dressing

Fresh Pear- Mixed Lettuces, Sliced Fresh Pears, Candied Pecans, Crumbled Goat Cheese, Balsamic Dressing

Maple Spinach- Baby Spoon Spinach, Blueberries, Toasted Almonds, Feta Cheese, Maple Sherry Vinaigrette

Drinks $1.50 per person- Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bottled Water

Tea (Sweet, Unsweet, Lemon) $12 Gallon

Desserts- Add an assorted dessert tray to any lunch order for $2 per person

Custom Menus Available just let us know your budget and we will create a menu to fit your needs!

Orders for less than 10 guests may incur a service fee

Serving attendants $20 per hour

 Delivery fee $30

Chef/Owner: Joel Simpler

Phone: 615-942-7349






Breakfast Menu

Continental Breakfast Menu #1

-Assorted Pastries and Muffins

-Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display

-Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheeses

-Coffee, Orange Juice, Bottled Water

$10 per person*

 Continental Breakfast Menu #2

-Granola and Yogurt Parfaits

-Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display

-Assorted Bagels and Cream Cheeses

-Coffee, Orange Juice, Bottled Water

-Hot Tea Assortment

$10 per person*

Hearty Breakfast Menu

-Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display

-Assorted Baked Goods

-Sausage and Bacon

-Egg and Three Cheese Casserole

-Red Potato and Vidalia Onion Hash Browns

-Biscuits and Black Pepper Gravy

-Coffee, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Bottled Water

$12 per person*

al a carte Breakfast Items

These options can be added to any breakfast for an additional $2 per person

-Asparagus and Sweet Onion Fritatta with Fontina Cheese

-Assorted Mini Quiche (Spinach and Roasted Tomato, Ham and Cheese, Three Cheese)

-Sausage, Egg and Cheddar Casserole

-Spinach, Egg and Cheddar Croissant Sándwiches

-Country Ham and Biscuit

*Orders for less than 10 guests may incur a service fee

$20 per hour for serving attendants $30 delivery fee

Chef Joel Simpler Catering Office 615-942-7349